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Zeer Clay Pot Fridge

The zeer clay pot is a simple refrigerator that cools its contents using evaporative cooling.

Material list:

  • Med-Large sized unglazed terracotta pot x1
  • Small-Medium sized unglazed terracotta pot x1
  • Towel or scrap rags
  • Tape or puddy
  • Sand

Tool list:

  • No tools required

Step 1:

Using tape or puddy seal the drain hole of your clay pots.

Step 2:

Fill the bottom of the larger pot with sand and place the smaller pot inside so that the rims of the pots are at the same level.

Step 3:

Fill the space inbetween the pots with sand.

Step 4:

Water the sand untill it becomes damp.

Step 5:

Place the item you would like to refrigerate inside the pot then cover the container with a cloth or lid.

Step 6:

Store your refrigerator in a dry well ventalated place watering as needed.

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